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If you’re looking for a way to deliver your products from China in the shortest time possible, air freight is the way to go. Generally, expensive small-volume goods and product samples are delivered in this manner, so feel free to choose air freight if the delivery speed justifies the higher cost. Shipping your cargo by air will allow us to promptly deliver your goods to any city in the United States.

Which Goods Are Delivered by Air Freight?

We specialize in delivering goods from China to the United States by employing several shipping options. Air delivery is an option we offer clients that require fast delivery or when the goods must be delivered as soon as possible due to their characteristics.

The following goods are often shipped by air:

  • Technological devices such as smartphones, laptops, and computers, all of which customers want to receive as soon as possible;
  • Expensive industrial and household appliances;
  • Seasonal clothing, shoes and other goods that need to be sold on a set timeframe;
  • Product samples for certification.

There are laws governing the importation of goods which you should consider when transporting your goods by air. Violations of rules and even document errors can result in fines and delays at customs. To avoid losing both money and time, allow our qualified specialists to take the subtleties of air delivery into their own hands.

Professional Air Delivery From China

Our team consists of experienced and highly qualified specialists who will assist you every step of the way to ensure a quick and safe delivery of your goods to the United States by air.

We do all the work for you:

  • Open communication with the supplier
  • Pick your goods up from the supplier (or from a warehouse in China)
  • Inspect your goods for damages or defects
  • Place your product in an additional packaging for extra safety
  • Mark the parcels so that you can track their status, either with the help of a manager or by using a unique tracking code.
  • Shepherd your parcel through the customs in China
  • Deliver the goods on time right to your doorstep.

You won’t have to deal with customs or the preparation of additional documents: we do all of that under the terms of your contract. We will also calculate any customs fees. Contacting us will help you to avoid making mistakes and unnecessary paperwork.

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Cost of Air Freight from China

Air delivery from China is a fast and reliable way to transport your goods. On top of that, customs clearance is much quicker with air freight than with any other delivery option.

We offer several rates for air delivery from China to the United States at affordable prices:

Economy — from $5/1kg. Delivery time in 10-15 days. Cargo weight minimum of 20kg.

Standard — from $8/1kg. Cargo weight minimum 100kg. Delivery in 5-7 days.

Urgent — from $25/1kg. Delivery in just 1-4 days. Cargo weight minimum of 1kg.

Shipping costs include customs clearance.

The cost of air delivery may vary due to the distance between the place of shipment in China and the intended delivery address. There are also included additional services such as consolidation and insurance registration. Our specialists will help you select the most suitable and cost-effective delivery options to meet your needs.

For instance, our specialists may offer bulk cargo delivery. Bulk cargo delivery means that your goods will be transported in a single container along with goods being delivered to other customers in the United States. In this case, you pay only for the volume of your goods.

We also offer a fast courier service for delivery to your doorstep.

We sign a contract with each client in which we indicate the final cost and expected delivery time, as well as our obligations and guarantees. All this allows you to avoid unforeseen expenses during delivery.

How Does Air Delivery From China Work?

  • Receipt

    You send the cargo to one of our warehouses in China. We can also pick it up ourselves from your warehouse or from the supplier.

  • Quality Control

    When the cargo arrives at our warehouse, we inspect it to make sure that it is undamaged and that there are no defects or missing pieces. If necessary, it is placed in additional packaging, or a crate (requires additional payment).

  • Marking and Loading

    Each parcel receives its own unique tracking number and is consolidated with other goods.

  • Customs Clearance

    Our employees specialize in the customs clearance process in China. They will bring your cargo to the customs inspection point and shepherd your goods through the process.

  • Delivery

    After passing through customs, your cargo is released, flown to the United States, and delivered to you at your doorstep.

Our Advantages

  • Time-counting
    Fast quote!
    You will receive a quote including total delivery costs within just one day of submitting an inquiry. Your quote will include customs fees and all additional costs associated with delivering your package to the United States. This is a fixed price that will not change throughout the process.
  • Docs
    Bare minimum of documents
    We draw up our own delivery contract, so there’s no need for you to deal with complex international economic relations, worry about customs clearance or any other paperwork. We'll do everything for you.
  • Dor-to-dor
    Delivery to your door
    We will arrange delivery to any address in the United States. You can additionally pick up your package(s) yourself at our warehouse. We don’t send customers to the airport, as many other companies do.

Cargo Insurance

In order to fully protect our customers from the risk of financial loss and to avoid the risk of parcels getting damaged during transportation, we offer cargo insurance. Although goods are rarely damaged during shipment, it would be safest to insure your package. The cost of such a service is only 1-3% of the invoice amount. In case the goods are damaged during the delivery, or if they are lost due to the fault of our specialists, we will promptly pay the insurance.

If you want to discuss your individual situation, please contact our manager via the form on our website. 

We probably have an answer!
  • Will the goods need to be picked up from the transport company’s warehouse at the airport?
    Not necessarily. At the request of the client, we will arrange for the goods to be delivered to a specified address, or directly to a designated warehouse.
  • Can there be complications during customs clearance due to the certification of goods?
    We avoid troubles during customs clearance. We also monitor changes in legislation. If the transported products require a certificate or a declaration of conformity, our team will warn you about it in advance.
  • How often do you ship orders?
    We know how great it feels when your packages arrive early, so we send packages from China daily and do our best to get them to you before or by your delivery date.
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