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Delivery and customs clearance of goods from China by Fastimport

Fastimport delivers goods from China to the USA under an official contract which includes all procedures concerning customs clearance. We guarantee compliance with all import laws and regulations along with delivering your cargo on time and in one piece.

Customs clearance of goods from China

A business owner needs to consider a number of things when planning a serious business. Customs clearance of products is one of them. As practice shows, it is best to entrust this matter to professional customs brokers, since mistakes during import procedures may lead to profit losses and even the loss of products.

Customs inspection is one of the most important stages of cargo transportation from China. In order for the goods to pass customs control without problems and delays, it is necessary to take into account a number of subtleties and prepare all the accompanying documentation.

Fastimport specialists will ensure that your goods are delivered from China as soon as possible. We carry out full customs clearance, which includes the collection of all documents, as well as the execution of necessary declarations. The cost of customs clearance depends on the type of goods, their price, their quantity, place of dispatch and final destination. You may calculate the costs of cargo delivery with customs clearance in advance on our website. 

Types of cargo transportation

Our logistics experts select the best type of transportation based on the delivery region in the United States. The type and the desired time of delivery are also taken into consideration. The cargo transportation with customs clearance from China can be carried out by one of the following types of transport:

  • By Sea. No weight or size restrictions are the main advantages of delivery by sea. Shipping by sea is cheaper than by air but takes longer.
  • By air. Mainly valuable and fragile goods are shipped by air. Also, air shipping is indispensable when you work with perishable or seasonal products that must be sold promptly. This is the fastest, but also the most expensive way to transport goods from China. However, it is not an ideal solution for transporting goods in large quantities. 

We work with all types of transport and have established low rates for cargo transportation. For example, the cost of air delivery from China to the United States starts at $5/kg. It already includes customs clearance.

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Features of customs clearance of goods from China

Buying products in China is not a problem compared to passing customs and delivering the products to the United States. In order to avoid difficulties associated with transportation, it is necessary to adhere to all customs clearance regulations. 

If there are difficulties with customs clearance, the following problems may arise:

  • The parcel is delayed at customs for an indefinite period — the business loses profit due to the lack of products they can sell.
  • The cost of transportation increases due to additional costs. For example, cost may increase when paying for temporary storage services in the warehouse of the customs inspection point.
  • Significant fines, which may occur, for example, for incorrectly issued customs documentation or the absence of a certificate for certain products.
  • It is possible for cargo to be confiscated at customs. This most often happens when there is no labeling on products. 

We will select the best customs point for customs clearance, considering its size and the way the inspection is carried out. Our staff will carry out all import procedures within the shortest time possible.

How Does Air Delivery From China Work?

  • Receipt

    You send the cargo to one of our warehouses in China. We can also pick it up ourselves from your warehouse or from the supplier.

  • Quality Control

    When the cargo arrives at our warehouse, we inspect it to make sure that it is undamaged and that there are no defects or missing pieces. If necessary, it is placed in additional packaging, or a crate (requires additional payment).

  • Marking and Loading

    Each parcel receives its own unique tracking number and is consolidated with other goods.

  • Customs Clearance

    Our employees specialize in the customs clearance process in China. They will bring your cargo to the customs inspection point and shepherd your goods through the process.

  • Delivery

    After passing through customs, your cargo is released, flown to the United States, and delivered to you at your doorstep.

Our Advantages

  • Time-counting
    Fast quote!
    You will receive a quote including total delivery costs within just one day of submitting an inquiry. Your quote will include customs fees and all additional costs associated with delivering your package to the United States. This is a fixed price that will not change throughout the process.
  • Docs
    Bare minimum of documents
    We draw up our own delivery contract, so there’s no need for you to deal with complex international economic relations, worry about customs clearance or any other paperwork. We'll do everything for you.
  • Dor-to-dor
    Delivery to your door
    We will arrange delivery to any address in the United States. You can additionally pick up your package(s) yourself at our warehouse. We don’t send customers to the airport, as many other companies do.

How does Fastimport carry out customs clearance?

Fastimport specialists monitor changes in customs laws and know the specifics of each checkpoint on the borders of China and the United States. Our clients don’t deal with paperwork and don’t have any problems with customs clearance. You only need to provide us with the primary documents. We will do the rest ourselves.

Fastimport Customs Brokers:

  • Notify the customs authority of the intention to import products from China
  • Determine HS codes and calculate the amount of customs payments 
  • Issue and register customs declarations
  • Meet the cargo at the customs point and check the accuracy of the documents, namely the declaration of customs value, the passport of the transaction, the contract with the supplier, HS codes, etc.
  • Pay all customs fees.
  • Monitor the products pass through the customs control line, where the final verification of the correctness of all previously performed procedures takes place. 
  • In most cases, our customers’ products leave the customs office within a day.

Our advantages

If you are interested in cargo transportation from China to the United States with customs clearance, contact Fastimport.

Our advantages:

  • Free consultations from experienced customs brokers, logistics specialists, purchasing managers and other specialists on all issues related to importing goods from China.
  • A thorough search for a supplier in China. We will find and check the reliability of the product supplier you need at the best price. Fastimport experts will help you to conclude an international contract with favorable conditions.
  • The service of collecting and processing all additional documentation, delivery, and customs clearance of cargo from China.
  • Insurance of goods by the company at a low rate from 1-2% of the invoice amount. If the cargo is lost or damaged due to our fault, you will receive the compensation of the insured amount.
  • The opportunity to sign a contract with individuals and legal entities.
  • Special conditions for cargo transportation with customs clearance for regular customers.
We probably have an answer!
  • We order goods from several suppliers, can it be stored in your warehouse before shipment?
    Yes, we consolidate goods in our warehouse in China. It can be stored there until shipment.
  • Can you help me find a supplier of commercial equipment?
    Yes, we will help you find a reliable supplier. Our employees also go through the supplier’s background to check their constituent documents and market reputation.
  • Will there be any problems at customs?
    We are familiar with all problems which may arise at the customs and take all the necessary steps to avoid complications. We guarantee the accurate documentation at the customs. We prepare and file a declaration in advance, select the correct HS codes, provide certificates and licenses for cargo, calculate the amount of duties, excise taxes and tax charges.
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