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Our company offers delivery services from China. We transport freight containers with a capacity of 33.9 to 67.7 m3. With shipping rates starting as low as $1/kg, there’s certainly an option that will meet your delivery needs while not exceeding your budget limits. We have three shipping rates altogether that offer different solutions based on your budget.

Transoceanic delivery accounts for more than 60% of the total world cargo turnover. It is the best type of delivery option for shipping goods between continents, especially for shipping between China and the United States, which do not share a land border. Shipping by sea is also the most economical option. The option may suit you because of one or any of the follow reasons:

  • You’ve purchased something in bulk, or something big and bulky like furniture.
  • You need to ship oversized cargo.
  • You have goods that are seasonal in nature.
  • You’ve purchased goods with a long shelf life and time is not of the essence.

You can plan your bulk orders and book the shipping in advance. Ideally, clients fill their entire shipping container to maximize the cost-benefit of shipping by sea. Additionally, customs clearance is fast for this type of freight.

Container technical parameters
Container type External
dimensions, in
dimensions, in
Doorway dimensions, in Container loading capacity, ft3 Empty container weight, lbs Maximum load, lbs
20" standard 6096х2370х2591 5935х2335х2383 2 335х2292 33,9 2 080 21 920
40" standard 12192х2438х2895 12022х2352х2395 2343х2280 67,7 3 900 26 580
40" high-cube 12192х2438х2895 12022х2352х2352 2340х2585 76,4 4 150 26 330

Features of shipping from China by sea

Shipping from China by sea freighter is a popular service for all kinds of clients. This service entails purchasing products in Chinese trade centers, shops and salons, which enjoy good prices and offer a wide range of services.

Both small businesses and large companies utilize shipping services. Small businesses often work with consumer goods. Large companies buy industrial equipment and tools. Chinese factories produce the quality products needed by both small and large companies under well-known and recognized brand names.

Another feature is specificity and variety. In fact, there are thousands of ports in China, so you can order the goods you need from a specific region while at the same time enjoy the benefit of a variety of suppliers. Once you’ve made your selections, your freight is transported in containers on specially equipped vessels together with thousands of such containers. But do not worry: they are all carefully labeled, and your goods will arrive to the address you indicated in your order.

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The algorithm and the advantages of delivery by sea

This is how the system works. A customer orders something from China to be delivered to our warehouse address. Although the longer delivery time, sea shipping has its advantages, among which are:

  • Reliability. Accidents at sea are extremely rare.
  • Priority. China understands the need for a smooth shipping process because of how important it is to the Chinese economy. There should be very few holdups, if any.
  • Safety. Your goods will be secure on board the ship and goods are rarely damaged while being transported.
  • Price. This method of shipping is without doubt much cheaper than by air.

We consider the specifics of your cargo and choose the best shipping methods that fit your needs. As a reminder, we also work with non-standard and oversized cargo. In fact, shipping by sea freighter is ideal for these kinds of shipments. Another point: our transportation logistics are well-established; all you need to do is pick up the phone and talk with one of our agents.

How does the process work?

  • Receipt

    You ship your goods and products to one of our warehouses in China. We can alternatively pick it up ourselves from your warehouse or from a supplier.

  • Examination

    After the cargo arrives at our warehouse, we check its integrity. Additional packaging is added, if necessary, including the crate (additional service, paid separately).

  • Marking and loading

    Each shipment receives its own tracking number and is combined with other consignments. After that, we load it and send it to customs at the border.

  • Customs

    At the border, the cargo is met by specialists of our company who are knowledgeable in customs clearance procedures and will shepherd your cargo through to clearance.

  • Delivery to the United States

    After passing customs, the cargo is released, transported to the United States and finally delivered to customers at the addresses they indicated in their order.

Our advantages

  • Time-counting
    Fast quotes
    You will receive a quote for shipping costs in just one day. This quote will include all customs and overhead costs. This price is fixed and will not change during the shipping process.
  • Docs
    A minimum of paperwork
    We carry cargo under our own contract, so you do not need to participate in foreign economic activity, or deal with customs clearance or other paperwork. We will do everything ourselves.
  • Dor-to-dor
    Delivery to your door
    We arrange delivery to anywhere in the United States, or you can pick the goods up yourself at our warehouse.
We probably have an answer!
  • What kind of things make good sense, financially speaking, to order from China?

    It is especially economical to order:

    • furniture;
    • spare parts;
    • clothing and shoes;
    • household appliances;
    • building materials;
    • decor;
    • goods for sports and recreation;
    • equipment and tools;
    • everything for repair and interior design.
  • What might change the price of your services?
    The price may change due to loading and unloading, certification, and other services. We calculate the final cost during the first day when we offer you a quote for our services. Call us or leave a request on the website to find out the exact price for your specific needs.
  • How long will I have to wait for the goods to be shipped across the ocean?
    The speed of delivery depends on the carrier and the chosen method of delivery. The terms may vary, but usually it is 28-45 days, including transportation to the addressee.
  • I have a small amount of goods, is it possible to have them shipped by sea?
    Yes, but if the weight of the cargo is less than the capacity of the container, then we wait until the container is filled. This is a bulk delivery. Usually, this process does not take much time.
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